Tenacious Children from Tongi

Afsana has lived with her aunt after her parents had divorced, but she is cheerful and funny. Emran often looks after his five siblings and once he grows up, he wants to become a detective. Shilpi, Sonali and Marsheda's parents are illiterate, so they have very limited employment opportunities as well as low earnings. You may feel that you have already read such sentences on our website but this is a hot news.

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Dhobaura - Independence Day Celebration

The declaration of independence often means to be a culmination of nation's bloody fights for freedom. It was the same case of Bangladesh in 1971. In memory of secession from Pakistan, Bangladesh celebrates its Independence Day on March 26. There are festivities, cultural and sports events. National songs are sung, politicians are overtaken in speeches and Bangladeshi flags hang everywhere. The Dhobaura village school organized many sports activities on this Independence Day to celebrate its importance together with children, parents and teachers. Disciplines? Cock match, frog race, and chocolate race, jumping over rope or smashing pots.

And how did the participants enjoy the celebration? This will be revealed by the following photo gallery.

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Day of Child Protection against Violence and Child Marriages

Children from the KMMS and GAPS boarding school have been involved in the child marriage initiative and are now spreading information on children's rights in their communities.

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The Golden Thread of Bangladesh

Behind nine hills and nine rivers, where the land is close to the sea and close to the roof of the world, the "golden thread" grows. Many people went there to get rich, but only some of them managed to find it. It grows in flooded marshes where there is a damp, hot climate and a bush of mosquitoes bothering any incoming visitors. The country is famous for its lush green rice fields and hard-working people. It is a Bengali country, and no one calls the golden thread differently than...

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Festive Day at Monoshapara School

On 15th August children from the Monoshapara residential school participated in festive activities in honour of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who was the first president of Bangladesh. He is mainly famous for being called as a “Father of Nation” as he had a significant impact on independence of the country.

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