7th Nightingale Pledge & Capping Ceremony at BANC

Kaliakor, Gazipur, Bangladesh – On October 15, 2023, Bangladesh Adventist Nursing College (BANC) proudly hosted its 7th Nightingale Pledge & Capping Ceremony, a momentous occasion marking the transition of 81 nursing students into the next phase of their professional journey.

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Jary, the New BanglaKids Coordinator

Jaroslava Vaňková is the new coordinator of the BanglaKids program and the mother of two unique daughters. She enjoys interacting with people, communicates exceptionally well, and embraces new challenges fearlessly. Having gained insights into the worlds of both mentally disadvantaged and unemployed individuals, she navigates critical moments with a cool head. She now brings her rich customer care experience to the humanitarian organization ADRA.

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Monoshapara provides children with quality education

The Monosapara Boarding School has received a positive evaluation from the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA). The AAA team, comprised of education experts, conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Monosapara boarding school in August 2023 to ensure that the institution meets the required educational standards.

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Rice from own fields

In mid-May, students at SAMS Boarding School in Bangladesh's northwest region had the chance to improve their physical fitness while participating in the rice harvest on school grounds. Bangladesh's comprehensive education system emphasizes not only the development of mental and social skills but also the acquisition of practical agricultural knowledge. Students, teachers, and school staff actively took part in the harvest, undeterred by the rain.

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Martin Vrbický: Traveling Cameraman

Martin Vrbický, a seasoned cameraman and producer, made a beautiful documentary of the charity Ganga Expedition 2022. In the recent interview, Martin delved into the intricacies of his profession, shared his fascination with Bangladesh, and revealed the art of mastering sleep amidst unpredictable schedules.

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Since 1999 we have provided education to 6,500 children in Bangladesh.
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