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Arnob Chakma

Arnob Chakma

boy 9 years

  • Sex: Boy
  • Birthdate: 21.6.2014
  • ADRA ID: AC-AHTS-5933

Hi, my name is Arnab and I'm 10 years old. I was born in Borodam village in Khagrachori district. It is located in the eastern part of Bangladesh, where the landscape is mountainous and forested, but at the same time very beautiful. My family also lives here: my dad Chiji Moni and my mum Protima, with my younger brother Anik, who is only 3 years old. My daddy works as a field worker and my mommy takes care of the household and my little brother. I miss everyone sometimes because I live at the AHTS boarding school and only go home occasionally. I'm in the fifth grade here and I have to say I like it very much. In my spare time I play football with my friends or even cricket, I'm good at that too. I like the colour green and I never turn down rice and vegetables for a meal, I don't always have to have meat. It's great when I can ride in a rickshaw. I'd love to finish school and become a policeman, I'd love that. But my parents can't support me in my studies with the money my dad earns, they don't even have enough money for themselves. It would be great if there was a kind donor who could help me finish my studies.

Monthly support 35 EUR
Bipi Tripura

Bipi Tripura

girl 10 years

  • Sex: Girl
  • Birthdate: 1.1.2014
  • ADRA ID: AC-AHTS-5938

Hi, I am Bipi and I come from a very remote village called Choto Para in Khagrachori district. My immediate family lives here: my dad Polomoi, my mum Jobonika and my younger brother Horsalai who is only 3 years old. My other younger brother Hoprenti and I study at AHTS boarding school, which is located in a mountainous area in the south-east of Bangladesh, about 60 km east of Chittagong city in the same province. It was founded in 2000. Students can study here from grade 1 to grade 10. Our school grows different kinds of fruits and raises fish. I really like it here, I'm already in the fifth grade, my brother Hoprenti is in the first grade. I like Bengali classes the most, and I like to paint in my free time. My parents would really like me to finish school and find a decent job, I would like to become a nurse. However, without the help of a kind donor this will not be possible as my parents do not have the money to fund my studies.

Monthly support 35 EUR
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