Write to Your Child

Every donor has a joyful privilege to write a letter to their children. You and your family may create an enriching relationship with a child across the cultures.

Both our experience and research show that children who receive letters regularly are more aware of their own value and have better school results. There is no doubt that building a relationship with a child may be useful for both sides.

On the other side, writing a letter may also be a challenge for some you. You are supposed to write to somebody you do not really know, who comes from a different country and different family environment, and speaks a different language. Nevertheless, we believe you will be surprised how many common topics there are.

We would like to help you with writing your letters and offer you the following “tips and tricks”.

What to write about?

Your child is interested in information about you. Write him about your job, hobbies, daily activities, family etc. If you have your own children, you may want to encourage them to write a letter and/or draw a picture, too.

Show your sponsored child you are really interested in him. Ask him about his hobbies, school results, family, future plans etc. Your interest may have a very positive influence and motivational effect on him.

Send your child your photos. Children like having their donors’ pictures and they often guard them as a precious treasure for years.

Sensitive topics

Be sensitive in your letters. Avoid criticising the child, its religion, culture, country and/or the political system.

Be cautious when describing your property, holiday and other information that could be difficult to understand for a child from poor backgrounds.

Do not promise anything you cannot keep. If you want to do something more for your child, feel free to contact us, please. 


Practical Information

You can write to your child twice a year, by February 15th and August15th. 

Write your letters in English.

Every list of your letter should be marked with the identification number of your child. Do not forget to write both your first and last name on the envelope. This will make our work easier. 

Both your letters and letters from your child are scanned to be saved in your personal archive. You can visit your archive via your personal account My BanglaKids on our websites.

Send your letters to the following address: ADRA, o.p.s., Markova 600/6, 158 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic. Our workers will deliver them to your child. 

How do children write their letters?

Small children need help from their older classmates or teachers, older children are able to write them on their own. The letters are written in Bengali and then translated into English.

The content of every letter corresponds with the child’s age. Sometimes, you may receive a letter that is completely formal. This is a question of culture and also of an idea local people and children have about their donors – that there is something donors want to hear and one has to stick to it. Do not be surprised, please. We cooperate with local teachers and try to change that. For a long time, we have been trying to encourage our children to write in the most natural way about their feelings, experience, hobbies, interests, life in Bangladesh, dreams and hopes for the future. In some parts of Bangladesh, this change will unfortunately take some time – but we have already done the first step.

Together we help children to live better lives!

BanglaKids is a development program of ADRA Czech Republic.
Since 1999 we have provided education to 6,500 children in Bangladesh.
Together, we’re giving them an opportunity for a better future.

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