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What We Managed Together In 2018

It was a ride and a great adventure that quickly went by. More supported children, fair gifts and lunches, recognition of our work and a brand new team. Take a look at what was achieved in 2018 thanks to your help and what important and beautiful stepping stones we expect in a New Year 2019.  It will be a significant year!

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Children Receive Pre-Christmas Gifts From Czech "Parents"

It is a time of Christmas shopping and gifting our beloved ones. Thanks to many of you, lots of children are getting gifts right now in Bangladesh. You have collected a total of 200,000 CZK to Moneybox of Joy for children this year. Thank you! That is truly magical and beautiful! What gifts do children enjoy in Bangladesh most?

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We have 13 university graduates!

The graduation ceremony at BASC is a joyful event. Students can take a rest after studying hard and taking exams, teachers wish them a wonderful future, and the tears of gratitude fill their parents’ eyes. Happiness is also on the Czech side. Thanks to the support from Czech donors involved in BanglaKids project 13 university students graduated last year. Now, there are 4 new teachers, 8 graduates in business administration, and 1 office manager in Bangladesh.

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Solidary Contribution Provides Each Child with Lunch

What pops up on your mind when you say ‘lunch’? In our case, it is a lunch provided for children at village schools in Bangladesh. During the monitoring trip, we re-verified the importance of providing children from the poorest families with a lunch. Little schoolchildren often go to school without having a breakfast, and school lunch is their first (and sometimes the only) meal.

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Tenacious Children from Tongi

Afsana has lived with her aunt after her parents had divorced, but she is cheerful and funny. Emran often looks after his five siblings and once he grows up, he wants to become a detective. Shilpi, Sonali and Marsheda's parents are illiterate, so they have very limited employment opportunities as well as low earnings. You may feel that you have already read such sentences on our website but this is a hot news.

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Dhobaura - Independence Day Celebration

The declaration of independence often means to be a culmination of nation's bloody fights for freedom. It was the same case of Bangladesh in 1971. In memory of secession from Pakistan, Bangladesh celebrates its Independence Day on March 26. There are festivities, cultural and sports events. National songs are sung, politicians are overtaken in speeches and Bangladeshi flags hang everywhere. The Dhobaura village school organized many sports activities on this Independence Day to celebrate its importance together with children, parents and teachers. Disciplines? Cock match, frog race, and chocolate race, jumping over rope or smashing pots.

And how did the participants enjoy the celebration? This will be revealed by the following photo gallery.

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Day of Child Protection against Violence and Child Marriages

Children from the KMMS and GAPS boarding school have been involved in the child marriage initiative and are now spreading information on children's rights in their communities.

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The Golden Thread of Bangladesh

Behind nine hills and nine rivers, where the land is close to the sea and close to the roof of the world, the "golden thread" grows. Many people went there to get rich, but only some of them managed to find it. It grows in flooded marshes where there is a damp, hot climate and a bush of mosquitoes bothering any incoming visitors. The country is famous for its lush green rice fields and hard-working people. It is a Bengali country, and no one calls the golden thread differently than...

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Festive Day at Monoshapara School

On 15th August children from the Monoshapara residential school participated in festive activities in honour of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who was the first president of Bangladesh. He is mainly famous for being called as a “Father of Nation” as he had a significant impact on independence of the country.

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GAYE HOLUD: The Pre-Wedding Shower

Marriage is a rare and special event, not only for the bride and groom. Family members and friends come to witness this special, unique moment when two beings come to pledge their love for each other until death do them part and become as one. Up until this point, Bangladeshi weddings are more or less the same as Czech weddings. In Bangladesh, however, weddings are preceded by a special ceremony, at the end of which the bride and groom find themselves soaked from head to toe.

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Life full of tears is not for me

Irena Jindrová, Via Bona Prize finalist

We all have to play the hand we are dealt. Some were given trumps and aces; others were not that lucky. In the end, though, the most important thing is not what cards we have, but how we play them. Some people struggle with hand full of aces, whereas others play a worse hand very well. The latter include our long-time donor, this year’s Via Bona Prize finalist in the Faithful Donor category, Ms. Irena Jindrová, who suffers from cerebral palsy. During the evening ceremony, she showed us her cards.

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It is the property of excellent natures to minister and do good

A great boss, a sensitive person, a sidekick in good times and bad - Kamil Kreutziger, director of the BanglaKids program, is all this and much more. To achieve his goals, he’ll stop at nothing to overcome obstacles. His secret weapons when troubleshooting? His kindness and sense of humor. Kamil has been working at ADRA for 3 years now, and the time has finally come to introduce him to you and ask him about our recent trip to Bangladesh.

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Celebrating the Bengali New Year of 1423

Did you know that April 14 was the beginning of a new year? That’s right! The old one’s been over in no time and now we have the year 1423. We had described the origin of the holiday and its celebrations in an article last year and this year we will tell you what New Year means for the Bengalis and how it was celebrated in our schools. A celebration is above all about people who join it and start traditions… And this year, we too had our first-hand experience of the New Year in Bangladesh!

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Staying Healthy and Happy with Sports

Are you waiting with bated breath for the weather to get a little warmer so you can go out and do some sports? In Bangladesh, the weather is hot enough – currently around 34°C (93°F). But the kids don’t mind, and the Monoshapara boarding school held the popular Sports Days from 24 to 25 February 2016. Among participants were not only children and students, but also the school staff, the motto being “Sports for everyone”. There were many traditional events – 100 to 400-meter dashes, the long jump, handball or soccer tournaments, etc. – as well as non-traditional competitions – dressing in saris or climbing banana trees for boys and men, and walking with plates on their heads for girls. One of the highlights came with the costume competition, another when participants staged short scenes. You can go through the pictures and have a look at the children having fun. It’s worth seeing!

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To School By Boat

How often do you get to go to school on a boat? You don’t? Well, for the kids from the village school Ambari it is the only possible way for nine months of the year.

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Introducing BanglaKids’ New Program Coordinator

Anna Krejčí, BanglaKid’s new Program Coordinator, is a young woman with a beautiful soul, a captivating smile, and the sweetest voice in Central Europe. In mid-April she took over the reins from long-time coordinator Šárka Hejnáková, who stepped down for family reasons. In today’s interview, we’d like to introduce Anička to our sponsors and find out how’s she’s doing at BanglaKids.

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The Little Pea

An expectant mother’s view

Sarka Hejnakova, the unofficial Miss Congeniality of the humanitarian organization ADRA, familiarly called Sarus, has been the coordinator of the BanglaKids program since 2007. From that time on, thousands of Bangladeshi children have “passed through” her hands and hundreds of their mostly Czech “adoptive” parents have appreciated the communication with her. By the beginning of July, she is to become a mother herself. For the first time. Her colleagues Jan, Anna and Kamil talked with her about what it is like to take care of children abroad and look forward to having a baby of one’s own.

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Teddy Bears on Their Way to Kids in Bangladesh

Part 6: The earthquake and meeting the children

The rainy season starts in Bangladesh. It’s hot (over 30°C/86°F) but rain is lowering the temperature nicely. We thanked our colleagues for “ordering” European weather. :-) Our boss traveled for two weeks and visited many schools, while we frolicked in our room in Dhaka. The building shook a bit last Saturday. As we found out later, it happened because of an earthquake in Nepal. Nobody got hurt here in Dhaka…

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Mr. Accountant

“Only specialist should do a specialized job!”

Mr. Jan Hádek, or Honza, as we informally call him, has been a member of our team for quite a while, working as an accountant of the BanglaKids Program. Being a professional with an ability to stay on top of things and a unique sense of humour, he really is a colleague for rainy days. Therefore, the current issue of BanglaKids magazine brings you a completely informal interview with him. 

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More news

Stories of Joy

Tell people around you that you love them

Smiling, energetic, kind-hearted. This is Kristýna, the donor and the student of the University of Economics in Prague. Since she was 18 she has supported the education of children via BanglaKids project. You can read about the details and adventures from her journey to Bangladesh in this article.

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Manaching: Beauty of Character Grown in Misery

How evolves the life of a person who suffered a vertebrae injury and was partly or completely paralysed? That depends on him or her. Wheelchair, limitations, depressions and loss of meaning of life need not be the terminal station. Twenty years old Manaching helps people like that to set a new hope in the situation which is impossible to change.  The young woman is a brilliant student of the third year of the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed. She herself struggles with problems in a “school of suffering”. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why she has very good rapport with her patients.

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Ronjon: Orphan’s Fate, Inscribed Both on His and Your Forehead

Many people in Bangladesh believe that one’s fate is inscribed on their forehead. In a way, it’s their destiny, and one can’t escape one’s destiny. Even Ronjon Soren, who is now 15 years old, believes this. His father died when Ronjon was 5 and two years later his mother died too. The whims of fate got him into a well-known boarding school, he was given substitute parents in a country 8,000 km away, and he learned he’s musically gifted. What else does his forehead say about his future?

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Shubroto's Great Escape to School

Imagine you are a 13-year-old boy, working 7 days a week, 15 hours a day, in a carpenter’s workshop for 6 months. You want to become an engineer and you dream about going to a remote school – 350 km away, beyond a great river – where your divorced mom would not let you go at any cost. But you will not give up on your dream. You look at your options, gather information and prepare an elaborate escape…

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A Long-Distance Mother?

The word “mum” is similar in many languages. It often starts with the letter “m”. The concerns of the mothers around the world are similar too. The majority of mothers want their children to be happy and healthy. Nevertheless, the families of some of them live in worse conditions than the others’. We want to make their life conditions easier for them… In the framework of the BanglaKids project you can support an individual child and his family in Bangladesh! For example, Mrs. Věrka has decided to support a girl who wants to become an accountant. Actually, that is also the profession of Věra. She decided to go to Bangladesh and see “her” girl...

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Imprints of Bangladesh

“It is our moral duty to help those in need.”

Iveta Zelenkova is a quiet, kind and sensitive woman with a big heart. She has three children of her own and two more in Bangladesh, a boy named Samuel and a girl named Menuprue, whom she supports together with her friends. In April she met them both in Bangladesh.

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Singing soccer player from the Garo tribe

Priyanka Dio, a 16-year-old student of the Monoshapara boarding school, is a remarkable person. She comes from a family of five and is a keen student who sings, dances, plays soccer, works on the field and builds relationships just everywhere. This year, she has reached rock bottom when she became ill.

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Pilot? Doctor? Politician? Or Mathematician?

Ukjoy Marma, a student of the AHTSS boarding school, is a quiet, cheerful and very nice boy. He is only 16 but has lived through a lot – as a 6-year-old he was left an orphan; if it were not for certain circumstances, his life would have been quite different. Read about his interesting story!

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OK, I’ll try…

Mymi’s Story

Mymi is a placid, very friendly 11-year-old girl with a constant smile on her face. As any little girl, she too likes to jump rope, play hide-and-seek and spend a lot of time with her friends. Mymi comes from the Tripura tribe whose members live in a mountainous region in south-east Bangladesh. She attends the 5th class of the AHTSS Boarding School there. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up. When Mymi was about transfer from a village school to the AHTSS, her family was experiencing difficulties that are a sad Bangladesh evergreen. Yet together we were able to help her.

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Through the eyes of a woman

“It is better to give than to receive!”

Martina Havelková is an elegant lady one cannot get bored with. She has an interesting job, can speak several languages, likes travelling, loves airplanes, is interested in history, plays the piano, is a great driver, has a keen sense of humour and heart in the right place – she is simply a wonderful woman. But don’t mess with her; when she gets angry, nothing can stop her... :-) In the end of March, she decided to visit Bangladesh. 

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A family drama

Children sponsorship from a different point of view

Two young girls, sisters Rajina (15) and Sreety Murmu (12) are students of the eighth and sixth grades of the SAMS boarding school. They like studying; the school helps them to develop their skills, teachers support them and they have found new friends there. The girls also live there, get three warm meals every day and everything they need to be able to live on the grounds of one of the most beautiful and best equipped schools of the BanglaKids Program. One could say their needs are fulfilled; unfortunately, before they came to this school, a sad family story has begun. This story is not so unusual for poor Bangladeshi families whose children are supported by our donors. 

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More stories of joy

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