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Lady with the lamp, celebrations and future caregivers

International Nurses' Day was also celebrated by nursing students at the BANC boarding school. It is commemorated worldwide on 12 May, in memory of the birth of Florence Nightingale (1820). This English nurse, nicknamed the Lady with the Lamp, saved thousands of patients and laid the foundations of modern patient care. What were the celebrations like and what was behind the nickname of Lady Florence?

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Children's playground instead of half a pond

A playground for sports, games and children's fun was built on the site of half a pond at the village school of Koligram in southern Bangladesh. The work included the construction of a dividing dam, filling the pit with sand, levelling, installation of children's swings and mini-goals. Many thanks to donors and our Bangladeshi colleagues. Children will be very happy.

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Bangladeshi children receive gifts from BanglaKids parents

When is the joy of children greatest? When they feel good at home, they have great friends and… they receive Christmas presents. Thanks to you, we have also prepared gifts for poor children in Bangladesh at the end of 2020. This is because you sent them a total of CZK 181,050 (approx. EUR 6,923) to the "Money Box of Joy". Thank you! They are practical and sweet. Joy is and will be great!

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BanglaKids 2020: Love in action

Love and solidarity are the unique values of life. During crises, they manifest themselves in decisions that give meaning to our lives. In the year of "covid-19", you helped Bangladeshi children and their families during the famine, supported several investment projects and experienced unique meetings. "Love in action," we called a retrospective look at 2020.

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Teachers, nation-builders

Arpa Karmoker is a teacher at a private elementary school in Chittagong, Bangladesh's second-largest city. She lives in a rented apartment with her husband and mother-in-law. But it is a difficult time. Schools are closed, teachers have limited incomes, they live from day to day. Despite the difficulties, Arpa believes in a better tomorrow. She considers teachers to be the builders of the nation. What does she mean by that?

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I danced with joy that we had something to eat again

The covid-19 pandemic mixes the fates of people around the world, people question the future, a UN report speaks of impending famines. In Bangladesh, we help children from the poorest families. You can read about how much humanitarian aid is needed in a few short testimonies of children who know hunger from their own experience.

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Stories of Joy

What Grandma says is true!

Lúcia and Jónatas come from Portugal but they are globetrotters. They have already lived in France, Spain, England, Italy, the Czech Republic, Lebanon and are now heading to the Sao Tome and Principe archipelago. And it was in the Czech Republic that they learned about BanglaKids, started supporting a girl named Hushana, and even before the COVID-19 pandemic, they met her in Bangladesh. Jónatas is an English teacher, Lúcia is a media analyst.

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Tisha: a girl her mother wanted to bury alive

Tisha is a smiling, energetic, extremely talented 16-year-old girl. She speaks great English and sings beautifully. Originally she wanted to marry a Canadian, but now the favourite is Bangladeshi. Thanks to donors from the BanglaHope organization, she is going to India to study at the SAMS boarding school and wants to become a dentist. Her initially horror story has a happy sequel.

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All children in the world should have a happy childhood

Monika and Robert are passionate travellers. In four years, they travelled to 31 countries. In March, they went to Bangladesh to meet their adoptive children, the boy Langang and the girl Bristy. According to them, they had never received so much love. In the following interview, you will find out what their first meeting with children was like and what they experienced together.

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Brave Mother Jamila: The (not) Collapsed World

"Mummy, are you dancing? Don't you have any work to do?" giggles son Himu, the youngest of three Jamila´s children. He cannot grasp, that his mother is cheerfully hopping in front of an old TV. However, when she was pregnant with him, she did not jump for joy. Her husband left her, her mother passed away, she was left alone without funds, pregnant with two small children. By the day, her whole World collapsed.

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