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Songs, melons and rice: KMMS harvests rice with a smile!

Rice is a staple food in Bangladesh and its cultivation is a widespread practice among landowners and tenants across the country. Beautiful green fields of ripening rice are an integral part of the Bangladeshi landscape. KMMS boarding school has several plots of land where rice is grown by teachers and students.

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Miss Justýna Zedníková helps children in Bangladesh

Justýna Zedníková is more than just a beautiful face. Behind the title of Miss Czech Republic 2023 lies the inspiring story of a young woman who was not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and venture into the unknown. As well as modelling, she is also involved in charity work in Bangladesh, where she supports the education of disadvantaged children. She met them at the end of March.

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JASS Celebrates Independence Day and Annual Sports Day 2024

At boarding school JASS, the celebration of Independence Day of Bangladesh and the Annual Sports Day brought joy and excitement to everyone involved. The school was adorned with colors as students, teachers, and staff gathered to commemorate the nation's freedom and indulge in some friendly competition.

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JASS Students Shine in New Uniforms!

There's nothing quite like the thrill of receiving something new, especially for kids. And when it's clothes, well, the excitement level just hits the roof – whether it's a uniform or a casual outfit!

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Love in a backpack brightens Christmas for children in Bangladesh

The Joy Bag brought Christmas joy to children in Bangladesh. Thanks to your generous donations, the children received Christmas gifts at the end of the year - child-friendly, sweet and practical. They were wrapped in a simple rucksack with the BanglaKids logo and slogan: Love from your sponsors. So what did the children receive in December?

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BanglaKids in 2023: Relief and Development

Life is not easy. The world is boiling in many places, but your love and solidarity are as constant as the movement of the stars in the clear night sky. You keep helping. You keep changing the lives of children in Bangladesh. Thank you. Thank you all.

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Stories of Joy

Simon's Mom: Journey of Love and Sacrifice

I am Simon Chowdhury, currently an eleventh-grade student at Kellogg Mookerjee Memorial School, specializing in the realm of Arts. I am preparing for my HSC board exam next year, and I invite you to join me on a journey through the chapters of my life—a journey filled with sacrifices, challenges, and a burning desire to complete my education and make my mother proud.

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Pinky: To Heal or To Make Money?

The 28-year-old Pinky remains a cheerful and unmistakable nurse with a bachelor's degree. She works in the pediatric department of a semi-state hospital in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka. The journey to this profession was not straightforward; her mother and the donor program BanglaKids played a crucial role.

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Julius: Time Management of a Future Entrepreneur

Twenty-two-year-old Julius Murmu has ambitious plans. He aspires to become a product manager and owner of a textile factory. In Bangladesh, he wants to establish a textile mill, aiming to uplift people from his region to a higher standard of living. Coming from a family of four siblings and modest means, Julius is currently in his second year of vocational school, studying textiles. But how did it all begin?

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Ranika: Education for All

Nurse Ranika Sangma comes from very humble origins in a village near the city of Sylhet in the northeastern corner of Bangladesh. In the village, there is only one school providing basic education for children up to the 5th grade. Beyond that, very few manage to pursue further education. There are no other schools nearby where children could continue their studies.

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What Grandma says is true!

Lúcia and Jónatas come from Portugal but they are globetrotters. They have already lived in France, Spain, England, Italy, the Czech Republic, Lebanon and are now heading to the Sao Tome and Principe archipelago. And it was in the Czech Republic that they learned about BanglaKids, started supporting a girl named Hushana, and even before the COVID-19 pandemic, they met her in Bangladesh. Jónatas is an English teacher, Lúcia is a media analyst.

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Tisha: a girl her mother wanted to bury alive

Tisha is a smiling, energetic, extremely talented 16-year-old girl. She speaks great English and sings beautifully. Originally she wanted to marry a Canadian, but now the favourite is Bangladeshi. Thanks to donors from the BanglaHope organization, she is going to India to study at the SAMS boarding school and wants to become a dentist. Her initially horror story has a happy sequel.

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Brave Mother Jamila: The (not) Collapsed World

"Mummy, are you dancing? Don't you have any work to do?" giggles son Himu, the youngest of three Jamila´s children. He cannot grasp, that his mother is cheerfully hopping in front of an old TV. However, when she was pregnant with him, she did not jump for joy. Her husband left her, her mother passed away, she was left alone without funds, pregnant with two small children. By the day, her whole World collapsed.

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