Ways to Help

Would you like to help another way? It's easy! There are a plenty of options to choose from.

  1. Buy a gift for the poor families of Bangladesh. 50 kg rice, a goat, a calf, chickens and other commodities fulfill the basic needs of the very poorest.
  2. Improve the health of children and their study environment. Contribute to our supporting project or come up with your own idea. 
  3. Help the children from the Chalantika slum go to school.
  4. Help by organizing events. Organize a running competition, a long-distance march, a sports tournament, a theatre performance or something unusual. Be creative and help the children in Bangladesh.
  5. Promote BanglaKids. Tell your friends about the needs and possibilities of supporting poor children and families in Bangladesh. Promote our direct donation and education programmes on your website, by sharing electronic flyers or banners, support a good cause and enjoy your philanthropy.
  6. For businesses. Are you a small, a medium-sized or a large company? Would you like to support a good cause? If your answer is YES, get involved in charity work with a deep human sense. We are looking forward to working with you.
  7. Overview of implemented projects. Have a look at what we have achieved in Bangladesh thanks to our supporters.

If interested and for further information, please contact us.

Whoever you may do good, do it with pleasure... To serve and to do good are qualities of noble characters.

(John Amos Comenius)

BanglaKids is a development program of ADRA Czech Republic.
Since 1999 we have provided education to 6,500 children in Bangladesh.
Together, we’re giving them an opportunity for a better future.

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