I danced with joy that we had something to eat again

The covid-19 pandemic mixes the fates of people around the world, people question the future, a UN report speaks of impending famines. In Bangladesh, we help children from the poorest families. You can read about how much humanitarian aid is needed in a few short testimonies of children who know hunger from their own experience.

We had no food at home

My name is Ashitosh. I go to school in the village of Murogasha. However, our school has been closed due to coronavirus since March. Dad is a day labourer. He doesn't have a good job at the moment because of coronavirus. We had no food at home. We had nothing to eat for a long time. And suddenly I found out that our school will help us through donors. We get rice, lentils, potatoes and oil. Now I can eat every day. Many thanks to my donor for their support.

We eat only once or twice a day

Shomapty is from the village school Koligram: I am grateful for your kind help. We are having a hard time in this pandemic. My father has no job or income. For many days we eat only once or twice a day. My mother works in the school kitchen, but now she can't go to school and cook because the school is closed. There are four children in the family - three boys and me. We lack food, but now we are very happy for your kind help.

I danced with joy that we had something to eat again

My name is Bristy. Our school in Laxmonpur has been closed since March due to covid-19. I can't go to school. And I like to go to school and read.

My father is a poor worker. He works on foreign soil and earns money for his family. Due to the lockdown, all work stopped. And my father couldn't work anymore, so we didn't have the money, and he was worried. We ate irregularly.

And then I found out that we would be provided with food aid from school through donors. When I received the food package, I danced with joy that we had something to eat again. We were so happy. In my heart I thanked God. God bless my giver! Pray for me so that I can finish my studies well and one day help people as my donor helps me today.

No work, no income, no food

My name is Joyonto. I am a student at the village school of Kashimnagor. There are six of us at home. We are having a hard time due to the covid-19 pandemic. Daddy doesn't have a job right now. No work, no income, no food. Mom is a housewife. So only Dad makes money, takes care of food and other necessary things. Some days we eat twice a day. There is no work in our area. Reason? Coronavirus. In this crisis, we have received food packages from my donor. It is a great help for us. We are very grateful to him for that.

We were worried about what we were going to eat

My name is Srijon. My father is a day labourer. He looks for work and earns money every day. Then he can buy food for our family. He lost his job during Covid-19. We suffered a lot. We had almost no food at home. We were worried about what we were going to eat. Dad was still trying to find a job, but no one hired him. We have many problems.

When we heard that our school in Musuria would give us some food, we were very happy. We were given food - rice, legumes, wheat, onions, salt, oil, potatoes, etc. We have had something to eat for several days now and we are very grateful for that. Thank you to our donor. And we pray that everyone in this pandemic will remain healthy.

The food package arrived on time

My name is Papry and I go to school in the village of Mandra. My father can't work because of covid-19 and it's very difficult for him to take care of the family. We are grateful to donors for providing our family with a package of food that arrived on time. May God bless the donors and protect them from coronavirus.

Many children eat only once or twice a day

Message from a teacher from a village school in Ambari: Children from a school in Ambari are happy and grateful for loving food help. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, they are studying at home. Many jobs are closed. Many parents of children do not have a job and families lack food. Many of our students eat only once or twice a day, which is very painful for parents. Some families are in a desperate situation. We are grateful for the much-needed food donor assistance.

Help for children continues

Dear donors, we very much appreciate your solidarity and helping children in need caused by the covid-19 pandemic. Food aid still continues only thanks to you. You can continue to help children here. Thank you!

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