International Children's Day and global challenges

Dear children, we wish you on this day that you receive all the love you need to develop your talents and do what makes you happy. We wish you a joyful and carefree childhood and a safe journey to adulthood. Thank you for the joy you bring us!

International Children's Day - how did it start?

Children have a very unique place in the hearts of most adults. We love their playfulness, cuteness, and immediacy. They open us up to a perhaps forgotten world of boundless imagination and inner freedom. We take videos of their first steps, funny situations and successes, and sometimes share them with others on social media. We protect our children and try to create a safe and happy home for them. That's because we care about them immensely.

Children are our future. When they grow up, they will be the ones who, as the fruits of our lives, will create the future world. And it was this fact that the Turkish defender of national rights, Mustafa Kemal, became acutely aware of in 1920. A man who is at the beginning of the history of the invention of Children's Day. This day was originally created not as a celebration of children, but as a reminder to society of the threats to these most vulnerable beings, who are also the most important for the future of our planet Earth. However, it took another 30 years for this holiday to become part of the world's calendars.

21st century and children still at risk?  

In many countries there are still children whose healthy development and future are very uncertain. Even after more than 70 years of fighting for children's rights and needs, children at risk still exist. And it is not just children who are directly threatened by the war in Ukraine, which we are now experiencing so intensely.

Did you know that more than 262 million children in the world cannot go to school? That their families live in poverty, and these children are often exploited for child labor, prostitution, selling drugs, begging, or forced into child marriage and recruited into the military?

But that's not all. Without the necessary education, they are forced to perform unskilled and low-paid jobs in adulthood... And the imaginary circle of poverty is closing. Poverty persists and is passed on to the next generation. More and more children work for meager wages and 100 hours a week. Children are extremely cheap labor, which employers exploit and this is exacerbating adult unemployment and increasing downward pressure wages.

Children belong in school - your voice matters too

Attending school is a luxury for these children, but it would protect them from abuse and which would also address their families' financial situation in the long term. But for children to attend school, it is necessary to successfully enforce laws that prohibit child labor and, at the same time, economically support poor families to enable them to educate their children.

In support of this idea, which is obvious to us, an international awareness-raising campaign Every child. Everywhere. In school. was founded.This multinational initiative aims to petition world leaders to advocate for children's rights.  More than 1 million people from many different countries have signed the campaign. You can add your vote too.

And if you would like to change the fate of even one child, you can do it by supporting a Bangladeshi child through the BanglaKids program.


Here you can also buy Bangladeshi children a useful gift for their celebration.


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BanglaKids is a development program of ADRA Czech Republic.
Since 1999 we have provided education to 6,500 children in Bangladesh.
Together, we’re giving them an opportunity for a better future.

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