Stories of Joy


Singing soccer player from the Garo tribe

Priyanka Dio, a 16-year-old student of the Monoshapara boarding school, is a remarkable person. She comes from a family of five and is a keen student who sings, dances, plays soccer, works on the field and builds relationships just everywhere. This year, she has reached rock bottom when she became ill.

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Pilot? Doctor? Politician? Or Mathematician?

Ukjoy Marma, a student of the AHTSS boarding school, is a quiet, cheerful and very nice boy. He is only 16 but has lived through a lot – as a 6-year-old he was left an orphan; if it were not for certain circumstances, his life would have been quite different. Read about his interesting story!

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OK, I’ll try…

Mymi’s Story

Mymi is a placid, very friendly 11-year-old girl with a constant smile on her face. As any little girl, she too likes to jump rope, play hide-and-seek and spend a lot of time with her friends. Mymi comes from the Tripura tribe whose members live in a mountainous region in south-east Bangladesh. She attends the 5th class of the AHTSS Boarding School there. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up. When Mymi was about transfer from a village school to the AHTSS, her family was experiencing difficulties that are a sad Bangladesh evergreen. Yet together we were able to help her.

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Through the eyes of a woman

“It is better to give than to receive!”

Martina Havelková is an elegant lady one cannot get bored with. She has an interesting job, can speak several languages, likes travelling, loves airplanes, is interested in history, plays the piano, is a great driver, has a keen sense of humour and heart in the right place – she is simply a wonderful woman. But don’t mess with her; when she gets angry, nothing can stop her... :-) In the end of March, she decided to visit Bangladesh. 

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A family drama

Children sponsorship from a different point of view

Two young girls, sisters Rajina (15) and Sreety Murmu (12) are students of the eighth and sixth grades of the SAMS boarding school. They like studying; the school helps them to develop their skills, teachers support them and they have found new friends there. The girls also live there, get three warm meals every day and everything they need to be able to live on the grounds of one of the most beautiful and best equipped schools of the BanglaKids Program. One could say their needs are fulfilled; unfortunately, before they came to this school, a sad family story has begun. This story is not so unusual for poor Bangladeshi families whose children are supported by our donors. 

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