The Monoshapara boarding school is situated at the northern border of Bangladesh with India in the Mymensingh province, 193 km to the north of Dhaka. It was established in 1956. It provides complete primary education (1st to 5th grade) and complete secondary education (6th to 12th grade). On the school grounds, rice, various kinds of vegetables, coconut-trees, mangoes, and breadfruit are grown. The school also keeps fish and a few cows. Together with the SAMS boarding school, the Monoshapara boarding school is one of the larges and the most bountiful schools in our system. It is situated on a hill, and the greenery, flowers, and palm trees at the school grounds are well taken care of. There are some ponds around and the climate is mild. When we visited the school in the spring of 2014, the students were digging a well. The school management is considering introducing bio-gas to reduce costs of firewood used in the school kitchen.

GPS: 25° 09.765'N 90° 36.585'E

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