Village Schools

An average village school usually has one teacher and about 30 to 50 pupils. Children study there from the first to the third up to fifth grade according to the particular school. The schooling usually takes part in one classroom. When finishing village school, children have the possibility to continue at boarding schools.

A common village school is a brick building with roof made of metal plates. It is usually furnished with desks and a blackboard. In some places, classes are taught outside. Most of the village schools have no electricity. The teacher lives in the school building with his family and takes care of it.

Akonpara Ambari Baribaid Beldanga
Bisherkandi Dhobaura Gazirvita Chondipur
Kashimnagor Khujura Koligram Laxmonpur – Sathkhira
Mandra Mohipur Murogasha Musuria
Rameshorpur Shampur Sonamoah Tallapara
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