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Manaching: Beauty of Character Grown in Misery

How evolves the life of a person who suffered a vertebrae injury and was partly or completely paralysed? That depends on him or her. Wheelchair, limitations, depressions and loss of meaning of life need not be the terminal station. Twenty years old Manaching helps people like that to set a new hope in the situation which is impossible to change.  The young woman is a brilliant student of the third year of the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed. She herself struggles with problems in a “school of suffering”. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why she has very good rapport with her patients.

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Ronjon: Orphan’s Fate, Inscribed Both on His and Your Forehead

Many people in Bangladesh believe that one’s fate is inscribed on their forehead. In a way, it’s their destiny, and one can’t escape one’s destiny. Even Ronjon Soren, who is now 15 years old, believes this. His father died when Ronjon was 5 and two years later his mother died too. The whims of fate got him into a well-known boarding school, he was given substitute parents in a country 8,000 km away, and he learned he’s musically gifted. What else does his forehead say about his future?

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Shubroto's Great Escape to School

Imagine you are a 13-year-old boy, working 7 days a week, 15 hours a day, in a carpenter’s workshop for 6 months. You want to become an engineer and you dream about going to a remote school – 350 km away, beyond a great river – where your divorced mom would not let you go at any cost. But you will not give up on your dream. You look at your options, gather information and prepare an elaborate escape…

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A Long-Distance Mother?

The word “mum” is similar in many languages. It often starts with the letter “m”. The concerns of the mothers around the world are similar too. The majority of mothers want their children to be happy and healthy. Nevertheless, the families of some of them live in worse conditions than the others’. We want to make their life conditions easier for them… In the framework of the BanglaKids project you can support an individual child and his family in Bangladesh! For example, Mrs. Věrka has decided to support a girl who wants to become an accountant. Actually, that is also the profession of Věra. She decided to go to Bangladesh and see “her” girl...

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Imprints of Bangladesh

“It is our moral duty to help those in need.”

Iveta Zelenkova is a quiet, kind and sensitive woman with a big heart. She has three children of her own and two more in Bangladesh, a boy named Samuel and a girl named Menuprue, whom she supports together with her friends. In April she met them both in Bangladesh.

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BanglaKids is a development program of ADRA Czech Republic.
Since 1999 we have provided education to 6,500 children in Bangladesh.
Together, we’re giving them an opportunity for a better future.

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