It is the property of excellent natures to minister and do good

A great boss, a sensitive person, a sidekick in good times and bad - Kamil Kreutziger, director of the BanglaKids program, is all this and much more. To achieve his goals, he’ll stop at nothing to overcome obstacles. His secret weapons when troubleshooting? His kindness and sense of humor. Kamil has been working at ADRA for 3 years now, and the time has finally come to introduce him to you and ask him about our recent trip to Bangladesh.

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Celebrating the Bengali New Year of 1423

Did you know that April 14 was the beginning of a new year? That’s right! The old one’s been over in no time and now we have the year 1423. We had described the origin of the holiday and its celebrations in an article last year and this year we will tell you what New Year means for the Bengalis and how it was celebrated in our schools. A celebration is above all about people who join it and start traditions… And this year, we too had our first-hand experience of the New Year in Bangladesh!

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Staying Healthy and Happy with Sports

Are you waiting with bated breath for the weather to get a little warmer so you can go out and do some sports? In Bangladesh, the weather is hot enough – currently around 34°C (93°F). But the kids don’t mind, and the Monoshapara boarding school held the popular Sports Days from 24 to 25 February 2016. Among participants were not only children and students, but also the school staff, the motto being “Sports for everyone”. There were many traditional events – 100 to 400-meter dashes, the long jump, handball or soccer tournaments, etc. – as well as non-traditional competitions – dressing in saris or climbing banana trees for boys and men, and walking with plates on their heads for girls. One of the highlights came with the costume competition, another when participants staged short scenes. You can go through the pictures and have a look at the children having fun. It’s worth seeing!

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To School By Boat

How often do you get to go to school on a boat? You don’t? Well, for the kids from the village school Ambari it is the only possible way for nine months of the year.

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Introducing BanglaKids’ New Program Coordinator

Anna Krejčí, BanglaKid’s new Program Coordinator, is a young woman with a beautiful soul, a captivating smile, and the sweetest voice in Central Europe. In mid-April she took over the reins from long-time coordinator Šárka Hejnáková, who stepped down for family reasons. In today’s interview, we’d like to introduce Anička to our sponsors and find out how’s she’s doing at BanglaKids.

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Since 1999 we have provided education to 6,500 children in Bangladesh.
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