Source of aid springs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

COVID-19 pandemic, high mortality of doctors, floods and loans. Continued assistance to poor children and families, questions about schools re-opening, strong relationships. That's the news from Bangladesh. And not only that. The source of aid springs from the heart of donors in the Czech and Slovak Republics and meets the basic needs of children, the desire for education and the hope of their families.

–> Development of the COVID-19 pandemic

The development of the COVID-19 pandemic is not favourable in Bangladesh. The long 9-week measures and curfew (March 26 - May 30) were terminated due to growing economic pressure rather than due to the favourable development of the epidemiological situation in the country. The numbers of those infected also correspond to this. While on 30 May, the day the measures were relaxed, there were 44,608 people infected with COVID-19 in Bangladesh, and about two weeks later, on 15 June, there were already 90,619 patients. Today we have a total of 344,264 infected with 4,859 deaths.

Bangladesh has the highest mortality rate of doctors and health professionals caring for patients with COVID-19 in the world. One of our students, paramedic Kajol Tripura, who serves in the hospital, was also infected. According to the latest information, he is already healthy and again working with patients with this unpredictable disease.

Bangladesh is also currently dealing with the consequences of the floods. People who have lost their jobs and do not have a means of subsistence are trying to survive with the help of loans, but the future of many is unclear. The main task is to survive this day, then another and then again. In this respect, Bangladeshis are exemplary for us. They live here and now and are not as easily worried about tomorrow and the future as many people in Western Europe

–> Help for BanglaKids families continues

In the BanglaKids program, we continue to help children and their families, ie the poorest, with whom we have a long-term cooperation. As we wrote in the Czech article "With love from a happy family", the help goes through the village distribution centres of contributions and food and online financial assistance. We implement this especially for children from boarding schools, whose homes are scattered throughout Bangladesh.

It is gratifying that the extraordinary collection of COVID-19 and the consent of donors to temporarily change the use of donations have enabled us to create a system of long-term assistance in the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. When the children return to school, support will follow.

Despite the difficult conditions, strong relationships are established between our colleagues and needy families. People share their stories, joys and worries by verifying information by phone before transferring financial donations. Repeated help thus creates an opportunity to help also through good words and encouragement. They give people the mental strength to face a difficult fate. Knowing that someone is on your side is an invaluable part of the help that has its origins in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Thank you all very much for it!

–> To school? Maybe in October

When will the children return to school? Yes, this is a question that interests each of us. Children have not been going to school since March 17, when schools were closed due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally for two weeks, until March 31, you know the rest… The last set date for the resumption of school attendance, on which our hopes are fixed, is October 3.

If this does not happen, the next possible date will be November. This would mean that Bangladeshi children would start school in the 2 month later as schoolchildren in our country. However, Bangladesh has a different schooling system. The school year here coincides with the calendar year - it starts in January and ends in December. And the holidays? They have Bangladeshi children in June and December. However, this year is different, so together with you, we look forward to the opening of schools and the return of children to school.

–> Friends in need

A Czech proverb says, "You will meet a friend in need." And you, our dear donors, are great friends of small Bangladeshi children from poor BanglaKids families. Your help is a source that meets their basic needs and desire for education, as well as the hopes of their families. Thank you for your continued support. You are the guarantee of their better future.

PS: You can still help here.

-> Overview: COVID-19 in Bangladesh 

August 31 – School closures extended (until October 3)
August 5 – School closures extended (until August 31)
May 13 – an extension of the state of emergency (until May 30)
May 2 – an extension of the state of emergency (until May 16)
April 27 – School closures extended (probably until August 31)
April 23 – an extension of the state of emergency (until May 5)
April 10 – an extension of the state of emergency (gradually until April 25)
April 5 – A total ban on international flights
March 23 – State of emergency declared from March 26 to April 4 (extended until April 9)
March 17 – The first confirmed death from COVID-19 in Bangladesh
March 16 – school closures from March 17 to 31 (later extended until April 30)
March 8 – The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Bangladesh

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