Ranika: Education for All

Nurse Ranika Sangma comes from very humble origins in a village near the city of Sylhet in the northeastern corner of Bangladesh. In the village, there is only one school providing basic education for children up to the 5th grade. Beyond that, very few manage to pursue further education. There are no other schools nearby where children could continue their studies.

Professionalism Every Step of the Way
Fortunately, Ranika had luck on her side. Thanks to a Czech benefactor she met in 2010, she was able to pursue her education. She spent 10 years at the Monoshapara boarding school, successfully completing her high school diploma and pursuing a nursing degree at a higher vocational school, despite her parents' protests. Among her four siblings, she is the most educated.

She found a job in the capital city, Dhaka, at a private general hospital with a cardio center. She works shifts: 2 days, 2 afternoons, 2 nights, with one day off. The shifts are 6 hours long, but she often works overtime, up to 6 extra hours a day. Her earnings are 10,000 Bangladeshi Taka, approximately 83 EUR. She spends 4,000 Taka on meals, and the rest covers all other expenses.

At work, she enjoys interacting with patients and providing care, finding fulfillment in it. Despite facing difficult relatives of patients who complain about her work, she says, "In such moments, I have to remain professional – kind, patient, and helpful."

What to Do When 1500 Applicants Apply for One Vacant Position?
After work, Ranika either rests or studies. She aims to pass a qualifying exam, a prerequisite for working in state hospitals. Her motivation is a higher salary, better working conditions, educational opportunities, and a pension upon retirement. There is no pension in the private sector. Although work in the public sector is more demanding, it offers a better future. This is why up to 1500 applicants compete for one vacant position. Only the best or those with the best connections succeed. This is the reality of life in Bangladesh.

Ranika's plans don't end here. She wants to continue her nursing studies and become a lecturer for aspiring nurses. But that's not all. Ranika recognizes the value of education and wants to positively inspire her community.

Ranika's Dream: Education for All!
Regarding her aspiration, she says, "My biggest dream is to contribute to the development of education in my village. I want to be an example to the people. If I could do it, their children can too. But it requires a change in the parents' mindset." Ranika feels responsible for this change, knowing the journey she has undertaken. She knows how to talk to people and can advise parents on obtaining various permits so that their children don't drop out of school in the 5th grade. After all, education should be accessible to everyone.

BanglaKids and 244 Million Children
Ranika is a determined young woman, resolute in pursuing her goals. She is already giving back to society, thanks in part to the BanglaKids program.

Her dream of contributing to the development of education in her village is ambitious, but community support is a partial goal of the BanglaKids program. Currently, 244 million children aged 6-18 worldwide lack access to education. We are working to change that—be part of the change!

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BanglaKids is a development program of ADRA Czech Republic.
Since 1999 we have provided education to 6,500 children in Bangladesh.
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